Quick-wash stations.

Circup autonomous quick-wash stations are the best solution for concerts, festivals and other big events –
it is an off-grid and eco-friendly solution for rinsing reusable cups on the spot.


  • No electricity needed
  • Water consumption is smaller than using a tap
  • Rinse time 5 seconds
  • 600-700 rinses per tank (60 litres)
  • Gray water is collected in a separate tank (60 litres)
  • The stations are compact: 55cm x 55cm x 90cm
  • Rinse pressure: 10 bar

Why Quick-Wash Stations?

  • Fewer reusable cups being used
  • Less time for serving one customer
  • Less storage room needed in bars
  • No need for connection with electricity or water
  • More effective then other similar solutions on the market

Events we have attended

If you have any additional questions or are interested in renting the stations for your event then contact us info@circup.io.